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You do your job – we protect you.

Comprehensive security systems protect the Technology Campus Tirol. In addition to business continuity and emergency management, these systems also include site security, a company ambulance and company fire brigades. Together they support the resident companies in the prevention and management of emergencies and crises. The company fire brigades are integrated into the land control centre for large-scale deployments and receive support from external fire brigades if necessary.

The installed early detection fire alarm systems ensure the safety on the Technology Campus Tirol. For example, the production and storage buildings at the Kundl and Schaftenau sites are equipped with a total of around 16,000 fire and gas detectors. In addition, there are regular fire protection and extinguishing aid trainings for employees. The safety organisation not only provides active protection in acute emergencies – its experienced experts provide advice, training and support with a wide range of services, both in terms of content and technology.


Outpatient clinic

Seven employees, approx. 2,800 medical examinations/year

Fire department

Firefighters (three employees, approx. 75 members of the voluntary fire brigade)

Security and guard duty

24/7/365 present at both sites

Protection Equipment

Kundl and Schaftenau sites have been equipped with a total of some 16,000 fire and gas alarms.

Business Continuity Management (BCM)

BCM ensures the supply of important medicines and protects the sites from economical dangers in the case of an unpredictable downtime (for example caused by a fire in a production facility or warehouse).

Stay safe and healthy while working.