Production Technology
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Production is your business? Ours as well.

The Technology Campus Tirol offers everything that chemical or pharmaceutical companies require for research, development and production. To be specific: we take care of the infrastructure so that you can fully focus on your core business.

The Technology Campus Tirol in Kundl and Schaftenau is one of the largest and most modern industrial and biotech sites in Austria. Its well-developed, fully integrated infrastructure and life cycle services offer excellent premises for chemical and pharmaceutical production. One-stop shop services ensure the comprehensive supply of the production facilities on site.


Production buildings

Technical services as part of maintenance

Energies and media

Heating steam

Compressed air

Cooling water and cold

Warm water

Electricity including emergency power

Natural gas

Ultra-pure media


Process water

Process air

Ultra-pure water

Additional services

Tank storage for chemicals

Wastewater treatment plant

Waste gas treatment

Project management for replacements and new investments

We make your production go round.