Energy Supply
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You have the business. We have the energy to run it.

Reliable energy supply and precise provision of operating resources are essential elements of chemical and pharmaceutical production. Technology Campus Tyrol has an integrated energy supply as well as operating resources with continuously high-capacity utilization and a security of supply. Partners of the Technology Campus Tyrol use all facilities and resources as inclusive services.

Chemical and pharmaceutical production is resource and energy intensive. It is therefore crucial that the required energy and operating resources are available at all times. Exactly as required and – thanks to partly in-house production – also at competitive prices. The Technology Campus Tyrol offers both. For all partners on site.



Connection to a 25kV (SCH)/110kV (K) network

8 MW (SCH)/60 MW (K) installed capacity

Approx. 6 MW of emergency power supply (K)

Heating steam

Steam boiler operating on natural gas

Around 38t/h (SCH)/100 t/h (K) of installed capacity

Steam pressure of 1.5 to 9 bar

Compressed air

Network available

Pressure stages from 7 bar (SCH)/1.2 to 14 bar (K)

Capacity of 860 Nm³/h (SCH)/235,000 Nm³/h at 2.5 bar (K)


Company-generated power plants and liquid nitrogen storage tanks both available (K)

Capacity around 30,000 Nm³/h (SCH)

Cooling water & cold

Company well systems for water extraction

Cooling water recirculation available

Capacity around 250 l/s (SCH) / 1,700 l/s (K)

Drinking water

Company well systems for water extraction (K)

Capacity around 20 l/s (SCH) / 60 l/s (K)

Ultra-pure water

Pharmaceutical quality

Capacity around 100 m³/h

We energize you!